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  • Stefanie Plum

Baby Photography Brisbane -Newborn Session of Louie

I welcomed Louie into the studio with his mum and dad. I went to school with his mum so it was a lovely chance for us to catch up too. The first part of their session we captured the family portraits and after a little while realised poor Louie just wasn't feeling up to it. #Sleepwhatsleep

We decided to call it a day and they came back the next week to finish the remainder of their session.

Newborn baby posing with mum and dad
Louie wrapped up in his mum and dads arms

newborn baby wrapped asleep in wooden crate
We did manage to capture one sleepy shot in his first session

Newborn baby wide awake
Sleep? what's that? Louie was not very keen on closing those gorgeous big eyes

However Louie was a dream when they came back for part two of their shoot. He slept the entire time and we were even able to capture some gorgeous sleepy smiles!

newborn baby smiles
It's always the best feeling capturing one of these fleeting newborn smiles

Newborn baby macro pout
He wasn't done, check out this gorgeous pout too!

Newborn baby sleeping on grey backdrop
Such a nice way to finish off the session with a sleeping little babe

Louie's mum even brought with them a beautiful family heirloom which has been in their family for 70+ years. A beautiful handmade outfit that was made by his Great Great Grandmother who sadly passed a few months before his birth.

These photos have captured such a precious time in Louie's life, we all know how quickly they grow and these images will soon become memories <3

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