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  • Stefanie Plum

Top 5 items for your newborn baby - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Planning your newborn baby's arrival is such a fun and exciting time. However, if you are first-time parents and you've visited a baby shop recently it's a bit overwhelming knowing what to buy for your newborn baby. From Prams to car seats, cots and change tables, right down to bath thermometers and wipe warmers. The options are endless! As a mum of three girls I've certainly bought my share in baby products, some were essential and I recommend them to every new parent. Then there were those purchases I didn't even use or were totally useless anyway. So here is my top 5 items for your newborn baby that you will actually get great use out of.

Newborn Baby Nursery with a cot and rocking chair

1. Cot or Bassinet

This is probably one of the first things you will purchase, your baby's first bed. Whether you plan to have your newborn baby in a bassinet/co-sleeper in your room or in their own room in a cot it's an essential item that should be high on your list. Some baby stores even do bundle deals when you buy a cot and changeable together so keep a lookout for specials like this and you could save yourself some money to put towards another item.

Newborn Baby Nursery change table and rocking horse

2. Change table

You need somewhere to change all those newborn nappies so a changing table is ideal. Some can double as drawers so that space is used wisely in your new baby's nursery. A good height changing area will help your back and posture which is important after having a newborn baby.

Baby Carseats on shelf in baby store

3. Car seat or Capsule

There are so many car seats on the market how do I know which one is the safest?

You need to have a car seat or capsule installed in the vehicle to bring your newborn baby home from the hospital. Capsules are fantastic for newborn baby's, you can securely fasten them in the capsule before leaving the hospital room and then attach it to the base that is fitted in your vehicle and you are ready to go. A lot of capsules are also able to be attached to your baby's pram so you can easily get your baby in and out of the car without waking them up. I highly recommend a capsule, they were so well used for my youngest two children and worth every cent. Visit your nearest baby store and have the car seat experts talk you through the best options for you. They can even professionally install them!

Baby Prams and Strollers

4. Prams/Strollers

I have owned many prams in my parenting journey and while they are a necessity I recommend waiting until you have your baby to then go pram shopping as pushing around an empty pram is so different from pushing around one with a baby in it. And really take it for a test run around the store. Have your nappy bag and see where it's going to go, you will want a big basket underneath for your shopping or to store your things. Check that the pram moves well and is easy to fold (and fits in your car without taking up the whole boot space!). A pram is a real personal preference so it's best to go into the store and see them all for yourself.

Newborn Baby Clothes

5. Clothes

Buying your newborn baby clothes is so fun and can get a little addictive. You definitely need clothes but you don't have to go overboard especially in the tiny sizes as they really do grow so fast. I highly recommend zip onesies and steer clear of the clasp buttons as they are so difficult to dress in the middle of the night (picture a screaming baby flapping their arms around while trying to do up 100 buttons only to get to the top and realize you've missed one somewhere down the line). Zips all the way and if they have a two-way zip that can start at the bottom even better!

So there you have it, my top 5 items for your newborn baby. If you like my blog and want to read more check out this handy Hospital Bag checklist!

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