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  • Stefanie Plum

Top Baby Names 2021 - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

The results are in and the top baby names for 2021 have been announced. Choosing a name for your newborn baby is a hard task. With so many options how do we as parents pick the right name for our newborn baby? As a Brisbane Newborn Photographer, I have met so many parents who all felt the weight of selecting the perfect name for their child. We want it to suit them in all of the stages of their life, plus parents have to agree on the same name so it can be a real challenge.

Newborn Baby wrapped in white blanket laying on back asleep

I know I made many lists of potential baby names, what conditions did you have for a name to go on your list? I wanted names that weren't too unique but not too common, a name that could be easily pronounced and read off a class roll. We never intended to name all our girls with a name ending in a "Y" sound but we did and our girls are Molly, Ally and Ryleigh. We chose family names for their middle names and we actually knew all of their middle names before we chose their first names!

Close up of Newborn baby feet

Check out the lists below for the top baby names of 2021 and see if your child's name (or a name you had on your list) made it!

Top 10 Baby Girls Names so far in 2021

  1. Charlotte

  2. Amelia

  3. Olivia

  4. Isla

  5. Mia

  6. Ava

  7. Grace

  8. Chloe

  9. Willow

  10. Matilda

Charlotte has been the front runner for the past few years, and whilst some names didn't make the top 10 they have been trending with a significant increase in popularity they include Mila, Luna, Hazel, Freya, Millie, Ivy, Elsie and Audrey.

As some names increase in popularity others do not and names that fell out of the top 100 were Sarah, Maddison, Lara, Indiana, Victoria and Chelsea.

Newborn Baby wrapped up in round basket awake

Top 10 Baby Boys Names so far in 2021

  1. Oliver

  2. Noah

  3. William

  4. Jack

  5. Leo

  6. Henry

  7. Charlie

  8. Thomas

  9. Lucas

  10. Elijah

Oliver has claimed the number 1 spot for baby boy's names over the last 8 years but an increasingly popular name that is on the rise is Arthur which ranks in at number 40. It only entered the top 100 baby name list in 2017.

Some other popular names are Theodore, Harvey, Arlo, Hugo, Hudson and Archer. But only 5 new names came into the top 100 for baby boys names and they were River, Leonardo, Lennox, Luca and Lewis. Removing Aaron, Nate, Tyler, Christian and Jake out of the top 100 baby name list.

Newborn Baby sleeping in round basket

So where do we draw our inspiration from when it comes to choosing a name for our children? Some of the biggest influences are botanicals and colours, celebrities and even the royal family! Let us know if your child's name made the list and what influenced you.

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