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  • Stefanie Plum

Pregnancy checklist, prepare for your baby - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

The pregnancy test is positive, congratulations! It's sinking in now that in just nine short months you will be bringing a baby home. But which hospital will you give birth at? What's the best car seat to buy? How do you book your first scan? It's totally normal to have all these questions and more when you are expecting a baby, that's why I have this amazing pregnancy checklist to help you prepare for your baby. It's no secret, I love lists! They help you prioritise and feel organised which can help reduce stress levels. You can even download this checklist to keep a copy for yourself or add your own points to it.

Pregnancy Checklist

Booking an appointment with your doctor should be first on your list, they will be able to send off your referral to the hospital and notify you of the scans and appointments you need to make throughout your pregnancy. Then it's time to schedule your first scan! The dating scan can determine your estimated due date and you might even be able to hear the baby's heartbeat depending how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Doctor hearing a baby's heartbeat on a pregnant lady

Now it's time to announce the wonderful news to your family and friends. You can also book any additional tests or scans your doctor may have recommended to you. You might also want to look at booking in for some antenatal classes so that you can prepare yourself for your upcoming birth. Your hospital will also run tours of the facilities and birthing suites, it's a good idea to book in for a tour so you can familiarise yourself with the hospital and know what to expect on delivery day.

Hospital birthing suite with water tub and exercise ball

Now for the fun stuff, setting up your baby's nursery and shopping for car seats and prams! As your due date nears, you can start packing your hospital bags and writing your birth plan. If you need help creating a birth plan check out my blog - How to make a birth plan

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