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4 Reasons not to wash vernix off your newborn baby - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Vernix Caseosa or otherwise known as Vernix is a creamy, white substance that acts as a layer of protection on your newborn baby's skin. Your body actually makes this waxy biofilm during the third trimester as body armour for your baby. This miracle coating protects your baby in more ways than one and here are 4 reasons not to wash your newborn baby right away.

Newborn baby covered in vernix after birth

1. It protects your baby against germs.

Believe it or not this incredible creamy substance forms as a barrier to protect your baby from bacteria and germs in the womb and during delivery.

2. It acts as insulation and keeps them warm

It's such a tough transition from that snuggly womb into the outside world so Vernix helps babies regulate their temperature keeping them cosy and warm.

3. It's a moisturiser

You may feel the need to wash your baby after birth but hold off, the World Health Organisation recommends waiting at least 24 hours before bathing your baby. You can also just rub the vernix into your baby's skin as it's an incredible moisturiser. Newborns have delicate skin that can dry out very quickly so use that amazing moisturiser to keep their skin soft and supple.

4. It protects the baby from amniotic fluid

It helps protect babies skin from the amniotic fluid, Vernix is actually made up of 80% water and helps to keep their skin from getting too waterlogged!

Newborn Baby covered in Vernix being weighed after birth

So why are some babies born with more vernix than others?

As you approach your due date the Vernix coating your baby may be less than a baby who is born prematurely. Babies who are delivered via caesarian section may also have more Vernix. It's an incredible substance that can provide benefits to both you and your baby.


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