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Baby Shower Games - Brisbane Newborn Photography

When organising a baby shower you want to have great company, great food and great entertainment. You want your guests to enjoy themselves so what better way than to have some baby shower games with prizes for the winners. It's fun for everyone and creates a bit of healthy competition between your besties.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

I have compiled a list of games with some instructions on how they work. These can work whether you know the gender of your little one or not and are lots of fun.

1. Guess the baby food

You'll need some jars of baby food, you want to remove the labels and pass around the jars with baby spoons asking your guests to taste and then write down their guesses for the flavours. You can keep track of the jars by labelling them with numbers and have a sheet of paper with the correct flavours written down to the corresponding numbered jar.

2. Guess size of your growing belly!

You can use ribbon or string, if you know what gender your baby is you can buy pink or blue. Your guests must guess the size of your tummy by cutting the length of the ribbon that they think will nicely fit around your baby belly and touch together. Once everyone has their ribbons they each take turns measuring and whoever is closest wins a prize!

Baby Shower Game Ideas

3. Don't Say "Baby" Peg Game

As your guests arrive pin 5 pegs on their shirt, explain to them that they are not allowed to say the word "Baby" during the shower and if they do another guest who hears them can steal one of their pegs. If they hear anyone saying "Baby" they can steal a peg from that guest too. The person with the most amount of pegs at the end of the shower wins a prize!

4. What's in the Diaper Bag?

Fill a bag with 10 essential baby items any new mum would keep in their diaper bag. Hand out paper and pens to your guests and give them 2 minutes to write down the 10 items they think would be in the bag. When the timer is up pull out the items one by one and have the guests tick off their lists, whoever has guessed the most amount of items wins!

BAby Shower Gift Ideas

6. Diaper Race

You will need 2-3 baby dolls set up on a table with newborn nappies, a timer and blindfolds. Your guests must be blindfolded and change the babies nappy as fast as they can before the timer goes off.

5. Guess how many lollies are in the baby bottle

This is a simple game that can double as a table decoration, fill a big baby bottle (usually sold at Dollar Stores) with lollies and have a pen and paper asking guests to write their name and guess on the sheet. Whoever has the closest guess wins the bottle of lollies!

Baby Bottle Shower Game Ideas

7. Decorate a Baby Bib

You'll need enough plain white bibs for each of your guests plus a handful of fabric pens or paint. Get each guest to decorate the baby bib, they can draw a picture or a sweet saying. Peg all the bibs up to dry and get the expecting mum to choose the bib she loves the most and the person who decorate it wins a prize!

8. Pin the baby on the Mummy

Print a large picture of the expecting mummy and cute cut outs of little babies. You will need some blue tack and a blindfold. Have each guest put on the blindfold, spin around a few times and try to stick the baby as close to the tummy as possible. Whoever is the closest wins!

Brisbane Maternity Photographer

I hope you have liked my list of baby shower games, if your planning a shower and have more ideas of fun games please leave them in the comments below!

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