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Newborn Photography Brisbane- Behind the Scenes

I have photographed hundreds of newborns over the past 7 years and a lot goes on behind the scenes. If you follow me on #Instagram you might have seen some of these moments in my stories. But I thought I'd do a little write up and give you an insight into just how amazing my job is.

Here is my gorgeous photography studio, I've been working out of this space now for 2 years and it's my little slice of heaven! The room is all white and so beautiful and bright which is perfect as I don't use Flash Photography. Thats right I am a natural light photographer meaning I only use the window light, giving my images a lovely soft appearance. I have a seating area so parents can relax and have a cup of coffee or tea while their session is underway.

Newborn Photography Brisbane
My studio located on Brisbane's Southside just 30km from Brisbane CBD

A beautiful client captured these at her little one's session and It was really nice to see myself working from a clients perspective. Tights and a loose top are my go to for sessions, It's honestly like a gym workout. The room is very warm to keep baby comfortable and I need to be able to move freely as I'm constantly getting up and down off the floor and bending over a lot. I now have the daybed in the studio which is lovely to use to photograph siblings and family shots.

Newborn Photography Brisbane

I ask parents what kind of images they wish to be captured during their booking process. I want to provide them with images they will cherish forever so it's important that they are getting exactly what they want. At the session I'll ask for their input along the way in terms of what colours and props are used. I always have a vision in mind before a shoot so I know what I'm going to set up and how I want the finished image to look. Clients have access to all of my props as I provide everything for these sessions.

Newborn Photography Brisbane

In a session, family and sibling photos are all included - even Grandparents if they wish to come along! A typical session usually runs for approximately 2 hours. It all depends on baby and how they are coping. Some little ones love to be wrapped and stay that way and others can be so sleepy we are able to capture them in very safe gentle poses. I follow baby's lead and if they give me signs that they are unhappy we move on to something else.

Newborn Photography Brisbane

My key to success is a very gentle approach, if lots of milk and cuddles are needed then thats what we do. It's important for my clients to know they are in a very safe space and their little one is in the best hands. I apply this approach to every aspect of my work, so if a 2 year old sibling needs to play hide and seek or dance to their favourite song to warm up, thats exactly what we do.

Once the session is finished I upload sneak peeks to facebook and work on the gallery till it's ready. In post production, I get to bring the captured image from my camera and the visual image in my mind together, to create the final piece. It's a really fulfilling moment when I see that image I have envisioned come to life and I know my clients will love it.

I invite my clients back into the studio to view all of their finished images and help them decide what to order. I have samples of all my products in the studio so clients can browse at their newborn session. It's important to touch and feel the products and know what they are buying before placing an order.

And there you have it, a typical session with me involves lots of planning and preparation on my end to ensure my clients have the best experience. Sometimes lots of dancing to Baby Shark too! I feel so fortunate to do what I love and I get to meet so many amazing people along the way. If you have been thinking about booking a session with me get in now before I go on maternity leave later this year.


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