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Brisbane Birth Photographer - Indie's Birth story

Indie Willow arrived earthside at 2:04pm on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Her entrance was very quick but I believe thats because she knew the amount of love that was waiting for her. A surprise gender, Mum and Dad were overcome with emotion to meet their daughter.

Here is a little part of her birth story...

mother smiling in labour in a hospital
Not many women are smiling during labour but this is the second birth I have captured for this beautiful family and mum smiled throughout both of them!

woman in labour in hospital room

Baby head crowning during birthing process Brisbane birth photographer
At 2:04pm Indie was born into the world with a speedy entrance!

Baby being born in hospital room Brisbane Birth Photographer

skin to skin baby and mother in hospital room
Placed on mums chest, the realisation that they have a little girl is sinking in. With two big brothers at home little Indie Willow has completed their family.

newborn baby's head just after birth

Newborn baby just born in hospital room Brisbane birth photographer

It was such an incredible experience witnessing the birth of not just one but two children for this beautiful family. Being a Birth Photographer I am capturing some of the most precious moments in a Childs life. Their first breath, their first cry, the first time they open their eyes. The emotion from Mum and Dad when they see their baby for the very first time and the moment they hold them for that very first time are just so special and to provide that memory captured forever is why I love what I do.

newborn baby being weighed in hospital room

The Day after Indie's birth I came back up to Mater Mothers in Brisbane to capture her big brothers meeting her for the very first time. And what a moment that was! They brought in cards that they had made for her and just instantly fell in love with their tiny sister.

Newborn baby pouting lips
Everything about this image just brings back memories of those fresh newborn smells and super soft skin!

Mum kissing newborn baby

When I first arrived mum was sitting in the afternoon light soaking up all that newborn goodness. Indie was so sleepy and content she wasn't waking for anyone. Not long after the boys arrived with Dad and were so happy to be reunited with Mum but more so to finally meet this little person they have patiently waited 9 months for.

siblings meeting new baby in hospital

Big brother meeting little sister for the first time in hospital
Mack, a professional big brother now was instantly drawn to Indie and couldn't stop smiling the moment he saw her.

Siblings meeting their new baby in hospital
Nash is new to being a big brother but he was ready for cuddles!

Newborn baby hands
Everyone was keen to hold Indie's hand and shower her with love

Brisbane Birth Photographer Newborn baby in hospital room
The boys gave Indie a present and snuggled it into her crib with her.

brothers holding their new baby for the first time
Very keen to hold her they loved her squishy cheeks and soft skin

New family meeting their baby in hospital Brisbane Birth Photographer

With this gorgeous family all together and soaking up the family of 5 life, it was time for me to head home. Capturing this important milestone for them was something I felt so honoured to do. As I walked the corridors of the hospital I reminisced about Indie's birth and the incredible strength and courage her Mumma had. I witness the most amazing moments life has to offer and Im so proud to be a Birth Photographer.


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