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Crafty Ideas for Kids! - Baby Photography Brisbane

With the current situation around the world many parents are finding themselves at home with their kids and little to do! I've compiled a list of some great craft ideas for kids of all ages, from sensory play to fine motor activities. You should be sure to find some great boredom buster ideas in this list and majority of the supplies can be found around your home! So no need to leave the house. There is also a link at the bottom to LuluBug Learning where they have some awesome free printables!

Soft Playdough Recipe

Play dough

Play dough is a wonderful activity for all ages, it's safe and non toxic. You can make it in all different colours, add edible glitter and scents to make it smell amazing!

Incredible Edible Ooze

Tapioca Pearl Sensory Ooze

We only recently learnt of this fun activity through our local Playgroup, it's pearl tapioca that you can buy at your grocery store mixed with water and food colouring. It has a real slimey, ooze texture and is another safe non toxic activity.

TP Roll Monsters

Toilet Paper Rolls

With the toilet paper panic buying happening across Australia toilet rolls are a great craft essential. Like these quirky Monsters you can make so many things with the empty rolls.

No Sew Sock Bunny

No Sew Sock Bunny

With Easter around the corner these no sew bunnies are a great activity. We all have that collection of odd socks so put them to good use and create some cute little bunnies in time for Easter!

DIY Fairy House

DIY Fairy House

My girls are obsessed with fairies and creating little houses for them in our gardens. This cute idea using terracotta pots and some paint will keep the kids entertained for hours and promotes some outdoor play as well!

Rock Painting Ideas for kids

Rock Painting

I really love rock painting you can do so much with them, from creating animals to writing positive affirmations on them the possibilities are endless!

Easter Basket DIY

Easter Baskets

These Easter Baskets would be great for a little scavenger hunt on Easter morning! To make them bigger you could cut toilet rolls and join two or more together to make a larger basket.

pom pom caterpillar craft

Pom Pom Craft

Who has a million pom poms floating around in their craft tubs? We sure do and this would be such a cute craft activity. You could also make ladybirds, spiders or snails. A whole garden full of pom pom critters!

shaving cream sensory play

Shaving Foam Sensory Play

It's a great sensory activity and can be used in so many ways. The girls and I trialled marbling with shaving foam and food colouring and they loved it!

lego 30 day challenge

LuluBug Learning has great resources for kids like this Lego 30 day Challenge FREE Printable! They also have free home learning ideas, daily schedules and an outdoor scavenger hunt!


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