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Family Photography Brisbane - Emmett's All grown up!

It's hard to believe it was 3 years ago that tiny little Emmett came into my studio with his parents and I captured these precious photos. He has grown into a very handsome little boy and has a super sweet personality to match! I had a wonderful time catching up with him and his parents yesterday, we even had a little play at the park afterwards and he showed me all his amazing climbing and swinging skills!

Once a tiny newborn fitting so perfectly in his mum and dads arms, he is now a big 3 year old and still the apple of their eye.

We might have had to teach dad the words to round and round the garden but something tells me Emmett really enjoyed that game and might be a regular request from now on.

I had such a lovely time with this family and as always was such a pleasure to photograph them once again.


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