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Family Photography Brisbane - Frequently Asked Questions

Wanting to book in a Family Photography session but you have some unanswered questions? Here are my most frequently asked questions that might just help you.

Family Photography Brisbane

1. How much will it cost and what's included?

For any photography session only a session fee is charged to book in the photo shoot. The session fee is $200 and covers the shoot, includes a preparation guide to help prepare you, your design appointment in the studio to view and order your package PLUS a gorgeous 11x14" Fine Art Print of your favourite image.

2. What if my children don't co-operate during the shoot?

This is a common question that is asked, and I always tell parents not to stress. During a shoot I try to build a connection with the kids by making the shoot all about them and having fun! We sing songs, we dance and play games. We get mum and dad to join in and the kids all have a great time. Of course what works for some children may not for others so I always follow their lead and we only do what they are comfortable with.

Family Photography Brisbane

3. How do I get my husband to smile and look happy at the shoot?

Sometimes partners can be a little hesitant about their upcoming photo shoot whether it's from a past experience or having never had a photo session before. I always assure them that I won't make them do any cheesy poses and I'll try and make it as relaxed and fun as we can. Pretty soon they have calmed any nerves and are smiling and having fun with their family. It's important for me to make you all feel as relaxed and comfortable as I can so that your true selves show through in your photos.

4. Can my Parents come along for a photo with their grandchildren?

Absolutely! If you would like your parents or extended family to come along there is no extra cost for them all to be photographed. I do just need a little more time for these sessions so letting me know when you book in is ideal.

Family Photography Brisbane

5. If someone in my family isn't feeling well can we reschedule?

Yes if anyone in your family isn't feeling well please contact me to reschedule, I want you to have the best experience. If someone is unwell it will not only show through in your photos but it won't be very fun for them and can be stressful for parents. It's no extra to reschedule due to illness and I'll do my best to fit you in at my next available appointment.

6. How do we view the photos and choose what to buy?

Once your images are ready I will invite you into the studio for your ordering appointment. I will have samples of all the products so you can see the amazing quality and decide what will best suit your home.

Family Photography Brisbane

7. When do we pay for the package?

At your ordering appointment a minimum deposit of 10% is required, I accept Cash and Eftpos. You can pay in full for your order at this time or choose to have an invoice sent to you. I also offer PayRight with interest free payment plans spread over 3, 6 or 12 months and direct debit payment plans that are also interest free. View Packages Here

I hope you have found these frequently asked questions informative and given you the confidence to book in your next family photography session. Please get in touch if you have any other questions, I'm always happy to help and have a chat.


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