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Shooting Outdoors - Brisbane Family Photographer

Being a Brisbane family photographer I'm always scoping out new locations. To pick a new spot takes careful planning, I need to visit during sunset to see how the light falls through the trees. How accessible the area will be for clients and how busy it is on weekends as I predominately shoot my family sessions on a weekend. I also need to know that the position of the sun all year long is going to be suitable as the sunsets in different positions depending on the season.

Candid Family Portrait

Girl in Pink Dress twirling in sunset
In the hour leading up to the sunset its dramatically changing the lighting and mood as it descends. So the same location can look vastly different depending on the time of day. Clients outfits can also influence an image to look dark and moody or light and airy.

Maternity Shoot with family

Sisters playing in field for photos

So when you book a family photography session with me you can rest assured that I have the best locations available that I know will suit perfectly any time of year. I also provide you with a welcome pack that includes styling tips for the whole family, how to prepare before you leave home and what to expect at your session.


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